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How to become better at Runescape

Nov 12, 2018

If you are a new player on RS or a player with some experience looking to break through – this is the perfect article for you. Runescape is all about knowledge, strategy and most of all – experience. By experimenting, finding your ways and learning from others, you will surely get better at the game. The game has no cheat codes or hacks; you can use some tools or services to your advantage. Here’s what you want to do to become better at RS:

Look into buying Runescape gold. With low-levels, earning a million GP can take hours and hours of work while purchasing gold can skip that and help with what matters. You should be able to PK and duel or skill without the usual overly tedious grind. Where to get Runescape gold? Here you can find arguably the best rates in the market with constant live support and fast deliveries. When buying gold, you can never be too sure, so stay safe and only trust a reliable seller because you never know when a scam could be around the corner.

Don’t share your account information. Although this is a newbie tip and hardly gameplay-related, it cannot be stressed enough because there still are players who get scammed or ripped off. This will help you maintain a dynamic with your account, and you will not be forced to restart or retrain those same skills you have already reached. No site, service or person should know your account details if you tell them and get scammed – that’s on you. Official Runescape forums have a detailed guide on common scams and how to prevent them.

Go PK’ing or Duel in the duel arena. While this is highly risky if you decide to fight against other people, the rewards, adrenaline and experience will turn you into a cold-hearted killer within Runescape very soon. However, the risks are high, so first try to train with your friends or clanmates without having a full inventory or staking millions of GP. The combat system in Runescape is easy to learn and understand but extremely hard to master. There are switches, quick changes of action, lots of clicking and anticipation that go into every move when PK’ing, so you will be on the edge of your seat, thus improving significantly over a short period. This knowledge can carry over to boss fights and make you a better player in general.

Find a running-mate. If you can have a buddy or a fellow clan member of about the same level and skill, you two can explore and do things simultaneously. This will help you both individually, as players and help you grow as a team, adding future value as well.

Get familiar with the map. This is often overlooked, but you merely have a single objective – to know this magical land we call Runescape, by heart. Although that’s a little overkill, you should at least familiarise yourself with the main cities, skilling locations, teleport and guild spots along with where the strongest monsters can be found.

Gold is king. Even though having a lot of cool armour and items is excellent, there is no replacement for gold. As mentioned, you can buy it from a source online or earn it by doing quests, skilling or fighting and looting. The world of Runescape works just like the real world; people do what it takes to make ends meet and get nice things to earn more GP in the process. Stick with what

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